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His Illustrious Majesty Hazart pir Sayyed Feroz Shah Qasimi (Damat Barakatuhumul Aliah the most clairvoyant, sacred, religious and spiritual of this age requires no introduction as a successor of devout saints who spent every moment of their lives being lost in the contemplation of Allah and His beloved The Holy Prophet(PBUH) Hazart Muhammed (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam). The seekers of divinity, mysticism and the lovers of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam) are being imbued with sprituality and bounties (faiz) at Dargha-e-Aaliah Qasimia Ferozia.

Friday Program 09 Feb 2018


Friday Program 05 Jan 2018

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