Jamaat-e-Qasimia Ferozia Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan (Trust)


His Illustrious Majesty Hazart pir Sayyed Feroz Shah Qasimi (Damat Barakatuhumul Aliah the most clairvoyant, sacred, religious and spiritual of this age requires no introduction as a successor of devout saints who spent every moment of their lives being lost in the contemplation of Allah and His beloved The Holy Prophet(PBUH) Hazart Muhammed (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam). The seekers of divinity, mysticism and the lovers of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam) are being imbued with sprituality and bounties (faiz) at Dargha-e-Aaliah Qasimia Ferozia.

In this sermon his highness Saen Pir Syed Feroz Shah Qasmi (DBA) blessed the followers with the bountiful lessons of how integral is Zikr and remembrance of God with recitation of Lailaaha illallaahu and the recitation and remembrance of Prophet SAW with salutations. The eminence and uncountable rewards to men when they perform Zikr of God, when they are contemplated in the remembrance of God and when they are lost in it. The race against time and limited number of breaths versus the Zikr of God in each breath we are required to perform. The seen and unknown benefits of the Zikr of God and how God looks at those who perform Zikr vs those who are contemplated and are lost in the remembrance and Zikr of God.

In this video there is a 10 minute's short narration in English of the blissful sermon of Saen Pir Syed Feroz Shah Qasmi (DBA) of prior to last Friday sermon dated Nov, 28th 2014 addressed by his son Prince Syed Muhammad Hassan Ferozi (DBA) in which he narrates the need and bounties of contributing physically and financially in congregations and celebrations of Prophet SAW birth.

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