Jamaat-e-Qasimia Ferozia Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan (Trust)

Our Projects

The institution is first of its kind and hence a unique leaning place where at least 500 boarding students will be accommodated. A whole floor of this Multi storied building will be allocated for the accommodation of  local and International students.
The University will not only facilitate the students with the boarding and lodging but academic syllabus alongwith the monthly stipend will also be provided.
Ali Islamic University occupies 1500 sq.yards of land .The building will be comprised of 5 floors , ten rooms at each floor with baths etc.

The ground floor will be reserved for Conferences and Seminars only.The academic classes will be held at Mazanine to Third floor ,whereas Fourth floor will be accomodation for students and facualty. Nazira, Hifz and Tajweed-ul-Quran, Dars-e-Nizami, Tafseer, Hadees-e-Mubarak.Fiqa.Muntuq, Philosophy, Sarf-o-Nahav, and literature etc.

Spritual Education:

Lessons of Tasawwuf, Sharia, Tareekat a library comprising of books for Modern and Legacy sciences.


The building for this Institution is being build as per state of the Art architecture with comprehensive boarding facilities.
The building shall also be facilitated with a library, dining hall and a kitchen with proper interior decoration as per Modern design.